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Netanyahu wins election, now what?

I have not been shy about criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. In fact I think criticizing is an understatement. Before Israeli’s went to fulfill their democratic duties, I posted a blog arguing that for the sake of peace, Netanyahu should not win. ( However, for the third time in my life, I woke […]

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Vote Netanyahu out for the sake of peace

This is arguably the most tumultuous time in modern Middle East history, where just about every country is embroiled in internal or external conflict. Israel – one of only three non-Arab countries in the region, and probably the most democratic will be voting to either keep Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party in power, and thus keep […]

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Netanyahu darling of GOP

The unwavering support of John Boehner for – not the State of Israel – his friend, Benjamin Netanyahu and how comfortable Bibi was talking to a Joint Session of Congress makes one question whether or not Netanyahu is in fact, the Tea Party’s ideal candidate in 2016. The “Birthers” won’t mind, I’m sure. But seriously, […]