Our priorities suck

Here’s a little heads up, if you’re overly sensitive and can’t stomach criticism, stop reading here. For everyone else, this post is about priorities and the importance of news and information. Actually, it’s an open rant about how fuc*ing sensitive American society has become and where we focus our energy. Frankly, our priorities suck!

The Britt McHenry story (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/espn-reporter-britt-mchenry-berates-parking-lot-attendant-article-1.2188062) about a Washington, DC based ESPN newscaster and her “degrading” and “elitist” insults towards a towing company attendant in Virginia has been all over my social media this week. In and of itself, that’s what social media is about I guess. But this morning, I click on CNN, and the headline article is about Britt McHenry. To the side are four other top stories that have been largely ignored:

Our priorities suck

The biggest news story of the day …

1) Obama criticizing how Congress has delayed and stalled his appointment on the new Attorney General. Who cares right? Well, as the top cop of the country and the go to person that deals with international crime and coordinates with INTERPOL, I think that’s kind of a big deal.

2) Oklahoma approves execution via nitrogen gas. Not really important right? Only, it comes shortly after Utah approved an execution by firing squad. What’s next, hangings or beheadings? I guess we’ll find out somewhere, since no one discusses these things anymore.

3) Senator McCain blasts the Pentagon. Why is this important? Oh, only because we’re in kind of in this thing called “The War on Terror” and are spending millions bombing a terrorist outfit called ISIS.

4) Jeb Bush. Who cares, he’s the brother of a former President. Well, he also has a legitimate chance of becoming the next President of the United States. I’d certainly like to learn how he’s making a name for himself.

But no, lets focus on Britt McHenry and how “disgusting” her behavior was and how we should teach our children how not to be like her. I’m not going to defend what she said. From the edited video released, it sounds pretty bad. You want to teach your kids something? Teach them to be patient and not to jump to conclusions without seeing every side. Teach them to take whatever gift they have, go to university and follow their dream. I don’t know Britt, but obviously she’s attractive, obviously she’s intelligent enough to go to one of the best universities in the country (Northwestern) and obviously she’s followed and accomplished some part of her dream, which is (or maybe was) to become a reporter. But that’s not the focus of attention. All the attention is going to how horrible of a person she is.

Is she really horrible? Since social media is the arbiter these days, lets look at Twitter. Oh, she has 114K followers. I can’t tell how many “friends” she has on Facebook, but we have a lot of mutual ones. Interestingly enough, a lot of those “friends” are the ones blasting her as being a bad person. On Instagram, she has 31.4k followers. Gosh, she is really a bad person, and I’m sure all those people just hate her guts and think she’s a horrible!

One argument is she’s a celebrity or public figure and needs to set an example. Fair enough, so what part about her going to university and following her dream is not setting a good example? She belittled a person who works at a towing company, whose sole purpose in their work life is to make your life a living hell and take your money. That person doesn’t deserve to get ridiculed like that, right? Perhaps, but why not teach our kids to be inquisitive, instead of seeing something and making a conclusion? Why can’t we get the whole video clip and hear what the attendant said? What if that attendant had said something to Britt to set her off? But, by all means, let’s just take things at face value. Like that whole George Bush “Mission Accomplished” thing. I guess if that’s all I would have seen about the Iraq War, then I’d just have to think that we won that war and the last 10 years didn’t happen.

You want to teach your kids something? Why not teach them about the Armenian Genocide. Those atrocities occurred 100 years ago. Teach your kids about the evil in this world, and what is right and wrong. What about the disgusting piece of shit veterinarian who shot a cat through the head with a bow and arrow, then bragged about it on Facebook? Why not teach your kids that killing an innocent animal for shits and giggles is wrong? Why not discuss how ISIS is taking over another town in Iraq and what that means not just for our freedom, but also for the innocent people dying at their hands? When I went on the BBC site, the headline article was about how Australian intelligence foiled a potential terror plot in their country. Why can’t we talk about the brave men and women of the FBI and CIA? I’m thankful to them because their job is to protect us against the real evils of the world and I guess to make sure we can eat, drink and social media lynch a woman who has worked hard to achieve her goals as a sports journalist.

None of that is really important I guess, so lets go back to the Britt McHenry lynching. I’d much rather have heard a public apology and had her reporting on the Washington Capitals playoff run.